Monday, December 14, 2009

Are we like the Isrealites?

I was reading my bible the other day and I went to Exudos chapters 6-10 and I was reading where Moses was commanded by God to go to King Pharoah and tell him to let the Isrealites go.

Moses did as God commanded, but Pharoah only said........."Who is the Lord? and why should I obey his voice?

Pharoah had a hard heart and did not care about the people and he did not let them go and he commanded the taskmasters over the Isrealites, to withhold there straw that they used to make bricks.
When the men went back to the people and they did not have the bricks made, they were beaten. But they did not have the straw to make the brick because Pharoah withheld it from them.
Moses went to God in prayer and asked why that God sent him to Pharoah when he did not listen to Moses. Im sure he may have been dissheartened with this.

God then commanded Moses to tell the people that he Would bring them out of their bondages and burdens and he would Redeem them with open arms if they would only listen. But................

The people were oppressed. They were in a desperate situation and were so bound up by the bondage that they were in that they could not see the good ahead of them and the good that God had planned for them.

They had accepted the situation that they were in, and this was not the plan that God had for them...........But they could not see Gods plan because they were so hurt and blinded by the mess that they were in... They had lost there faith and there hope.....

The people did not listen to Moses, So God tells Moses to go to Pharoah again.
Pharoah hardens his heart each time and God sent plaques to the people of Pharoah because of the disobedience.
1st, Moses threw the staff down and it turned to a serpent and the magicians did the same, but the serpent of moses' staff, ate the other serpents.... This was not enough for Pharoah to learn that this is God talking so he does not listen, so God sends frogs, dust turns to lice, plaques of flies, the murrain of beasts, the plaque of boils and blains. locusts, darkness, and the 1st born sons to be smitten............

But Pharoah still has a hard heart and does not want to listen to God.....

Moral of Story.........

How many times does God come to us and tries to tell us to call on him and trust in him and he will deliver us from our bad situations, and we are so blinded by the troubles and sorrows of today and the past situations that we do not see what God has ahead of us and that he wants to deliver us into a safe place, a place of rest and comfort, where we are free to worship him as we should do..........without having to worry about being in all the bondage of the mess that we are in?

When we do not listen to God, he will keep doing things to get our attention and if we still do not listen, sometimes, he has to get us where it really hurts our hearts, so that we will see that he is God and Where we will let him be the God that he is.

We need to open our eyes to the truth and to the things that he has promised for us!

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