Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Appetite for Destruction

As I was reading my Bible this morning, God took me to the story of Esau.

In Genesis chapter 25: 24-34  it tells of the birth of Esau and Jacob.
Esau and Jacob were twins, but Esau was the oldest. Esau came out of the womb, all over and hairy like a garment.

As they grew older, it speaks of there personalities.

Esau was a cunning hunter of venison and a man of the fields.
He must have been the rough, "all boy type" and Jacob was a dweller in the tents. Jacob must have been the type that liked to stay in the house and did not like to get out much. He helped cook and was a chef.

Isaac (Esau's father) was more partial to Esau. He loved the fact that he brought him venison to eat (which is deer meat).
Rachael was more partial to Jacob............maybe because he was a moma's boy and he helped her cook.

In verse 29 it sais that Jacob had been sodding (soaking) pottage ( a vegetable soup or broth).
It must not have been done at the time, but when Esau came in from the fields, he was so weak and hungry that he felt faint. He felt like he was just going to die.

Esau told Jacob to feed him. ( he did not care that it was not done, because he did not want to wait).
So Jacob tells Esau that if he wanted some pottage, he was going to have to sell him his birthright.
Im sure Jacob knew that he was being deceiving, but he knew that Esau was weak, so he took advantage of him in his situation.
In verse 32......... Then Esau said, behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

Esau felt like he was going to die if he did not get something to eat  and he felt like that his birthright was no benefit to him at the moment, so he made a hasty decision and gave Jacob his birthright for a bowl of soup and some bread.
Jacob made Esau swear the he would not get it back from him and that it was a done deal.
So Esau sweared to Jacob. ( It was sorta like making a deal with the devil ).

So now Jacob gives Esau the bread and soup with the lentils in it. Esau eats this food.
When Esau is done eating, he gets up and goes on his merry way.

We see that Esau became weak and had no strength, so while he was in his weak state of mind, he acted on impulse and made a very bad decision.
He did not take time to stop and think of the higher things and he did not appreciate his inheritance or his blessings.

He thought, since it was not benefiting him at the time, that he did not need it and it was not worth holding onto, so he gave it up for a one time meal . But what he was not thinking.............was,..................what happened when that one time meal was gone and it was already digested into his system?

He would then find hisself hungry for more.
But.............will this another destructive more?
He already gave up all that he had, so now what does he do and where does he go from here?

Esau was now at his lowest because he gave up what  he did not realize, but was the most important thing in his life.

He gave it all up because he was not able to wait and be patient on the good food that was being prepared for him. He acted on impulse. The only thing for him to do now is repent and ask for forgiveness.

In this lesson, we learn that Food has to be prepared for our bodies and we cannot eat of it untill it is completely done. ( take chicken for example)

 If we eat it before it is done, it may not be good for our bodies.. then we take a risk of getting sick and when we get sick, we become weak and faint and our flesh rejects the good nourishment that it is suppose to do for us.

Food has to be prepared for our bodies and we cannot eat of it untill it is completely done.

We must remain patient and wait upon God to prepare those good things for us. Sometimes we have to wait upon God to prepare the food for us ( God's word) and allow God to work in our lives to prepare us for consuming the food that he has for us, because if we are weak, ..............................we may not accept it in the way that we are suppose to, and we may reject it just because our flesh is weak.

So what is meant for good for us, .........we just reject and we do not appreciate it.

 We do not have the right thinking because when our flesh is weak, it affects our minds and we do not think as we should.
So we take the chance of someone else stealing our blessing from us, because we are to impulsive on ..........................what we want right now and we cant wait till it is completely ready for us.

Take buying a car for instance.

If we know that God has a car for us, but we think we just "got to have it" ...........right now and I cant wait,.......................... because If I dont have this car " I am going to die".............

Have we ever made that statement?
Im sure a lot of us has made a similar statement, if not the same one.

So this goes for all things in life whether it be material or spiritual.

Spiritual growth is just the same when it comes to God. We must wait and let him feed us and wait till it is ready to feed us!
We may not be ready for the food just yet. God may have to take us through a process of healing and preparing us for what he has for us because it will affect us for the rest of our lives. It will change our lives! And our bodies must be ready to receive the good food.

We must wait upon God and allow him to work in our lives .............................and show us what we can have......... if we will have the right thinking and learn to appreciate the good things that he gives us and not act in desperation because when we act in desperation..................It causes an Appetite for Destruction!

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