Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More than enough!

In 2 Chronicles 31.………..It tells how People were bringing tithes and offerings to the temple (church) and their first fruits of everything they had, such as crops, animals, items that they made with there hands, etc.

Hezekiah was the ruler at this time and he was the one who cleaned up this land. He threw away the idols that people had made to worship, that was not of God and he commanded the people to bring their tithes and offerings to the alter, to God.

As the people began to bring in the offerings, the alters began to fill up in heaps.

When Hezekiah came into the temple and saw all of the offerings that were brought in………Hezekiah began to praise God and asked for a blessing over the things at the alter.

Hezekiah, then began to ask the priests and the Levites about the heaps at the alter. There were crops and all sorts of things there.

The priests answered him and said that since the people had been bringing in there tithes and offerings,……………They had plenty to eat and had more than enough.

The Priests had so much that they had began to make a storehouse.

Hezekiah, then commanded the priest and the Levites to prepare chambers (rooms) in the house of the Lord and he appointed Conaniah and Shimei over the storehouse, and others were appointed over other things in the house.

Later, The King of Assyria came up against Hezekiah, to try to win over his people. The King of Assyria was an evil ruler. He had defeated many armies. He had a name for his self.

So Hezekiah brings all of his people together and tells them not to be afraid because of there obedience, of giving their tithes and offerings, God would protect them from the enemy.

Hezekiah’s council got together to form a plan.

They stopped the waters of the fountain in the brook and built up a wall that had been broken. They built it up to the towers and made themselves darts and shields, to prepare for war.

Hezekiah told the people that there was more with them than with the King of Assyria because with the King, was an arm of flesh, but with them, was God and God would help them to fight their battles.

The people rested on Hezekiah’s word. They believed Hezekiah and had faith in him.

Then The King of Assyria comes along and tried to convince Hezekiah’s people that they should not trust in Hezekiah because he took away all of their alters and made them worship at one alter and give their tithes and offerings and made the people burn inscence.

The King of Assyria, boasted of all that he had done for his people by allowing them to do whatever they wanted to do. If they wanted to worship other Gods, then they could do so.

The King then began to tell them how that no one could deliver people out of his hands. He made it as if he was to great to be defeated. He was arrogant!

He even told them that gods of other nations, could not deliver them out of his hands and they were still defeated. Their gods did not save them.

He was stating that The God of Jeruselum could not deliver them and save them out of his hands.

So then, Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah began to call upon God. They began to cry and pray to God, and the Lord sent an Angel that cut off all of those mighty men and the leaders and the captains, in the Army of the King of Assyria!

The King of Assyria had to return to his land in shame.

Now, When the King of Assyria came before his own gods, ………….They came forth and slew him with the Sword!

By reading this story, I realized that there is a lesson to be learned from this.

When we obey God, by giving our tithes and offerings as God had commanded us to do, We will be protected!

It does not matter what the circumstances look like in our lives and no matter who comes against us………………………………God is there to provide and to protect us when the enemy arrives to try to hurt us.

It is just like the devil to send someone our way, when we are being obedient with our tithes and offerings,…………………………..He comes our way to try to steal from us and to try to convince us that we should not trust in God to help us because he ( the devil ) is too powerful and we cannot defeat him……………..But what a lier he is…. We know that God is the only true God and he will and can protect us…… All we have to do is call upon him just as Hezekiah and Isaiah did when they were being threatened by war and God sent an Angel to take care of them….

Why do we believe an evil ruler, when We have a trustworthy man who Is of God, who tells us that we will survive!

Do not believe the evil rulers! They only lie to us, to try to deceive us into thinking that we are already defeated..

We are not defeated……….because we have God on our side…………..Even though things in life do not look so good at the time and it looks like we are so far in that there is no way out of the enemies hands, just call on the name of God and he will be there to deliver us out.

Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy any longer….. We are strong, when we are God’s people. God is our strength and refuge and a help in time and trouble.

God is more than enough and he can provide for us..

Another lesson I learned was that if we will make storehouses………………….for feeding the people……………….Bring your first fruits in to a storehouse…… Bring in offerings……….Bring in food, clothing, items that we have made with our hands, household items we do not need……….anything that others can use……..

Bring these things in to God and allow them to be distributed among the people! Make Storehouses! Chambers!

If we would do this……….Then we would not have others that do not have…………The poor would be fed and clothed….. And in the end, we would have more than enough!

Feed the hungry and clothe the poor!

Make there be…………..More than enough!

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