Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moses Was a Basket Case

In the book of Exodus, it tells us about Moses, how God came to him and told him to go to Pharoah, to tell him to let the Isrealites go free.

Moses was a basket case.

He was given away by his mother, by putting him in a basket and sending him down the river all by hisself and while he was a little baby.
He grew up thinking that his mom ( which was pharoahs daughter) was his biological mother, till one day, she decided to introduce him to his real family.
Can you imagine how Moses felt, after learning that the family that he had been a part of since he was a tiny baby.................Was not his real family?

I imagine that It made him feel so unwanted and angry at the same time.
This may have made him feel like he just did not belong anywhere.

Many times, we as people go through similar things in our lives and we just dont feel like we fit in, anywhere.
I would say that this really bothered Moses.
But look at all he went through in his life, only to find that all along, God was protecting him and keeping him, and God had his hand on him.
God used Moses in a mighty way, even though he went through what he did and he even had a lisp or speech problem when he talked.
But God did not look at all the imperfections, because Moses was chosen while he was in his mothers womb.
Moses was so used by God that he led all the Isrealites out of Captivity. They were a nation!

Even though sometimes we feel like we just dont belong, and that we feel like we are not good enough because of abnoralities in our lives, does not mean that God can not use us mightely like he did Moses.

Next time we become down on ourselves and feel like we are a nobody and that noone cares and that we are no good to anyone............Just think of it this way.....

Moses was a basket case and he led a nation for God!

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