Friday, December 4, 2009

The Secrets of Johnathon Sperry

I was watching christian TV today and saw the previews of this movie today and I would like to share it with all of the people who read this blog.

This is a Christian movie that I feel would be an inspiration to all families. I watched one part of the previews where this one young boy was being bullied by another boy at school.

This caught my attention, as I know how my son felt by being bullied in the last school that he was enrolled in. He would come home some days with bruises on his upper legs, where the boys had jumped on him on the playground. I think that bullying can be very hurtful for kids and can cause a child to have a wounded spirit.
I think that this movie could be a good teaching tool for kids who have been victoms of abuse and yes I say abuse because I feel that being bullied is abuse. I would like to share this movie trailer with all and would hope that you may watch it also..

Here is the link to the movie. You may have to copy and paste it into google search."

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