Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Healing Rain/ Loose Change

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I would like to add this video to my posts because when I watched this..............it blew my mind!

It goes right along with my dreams!
The dream "Under his wings" and " Pennies" dreams....

I would like for you to read my blog posts on "Pennies" and "Lyrics to Loose Change" and "Under his wings" then you will see just how much this video goes with my dreams!

Wow! Isn't God good?
God is good, all the time!

He has his way of giving each person things to tell others about and It all
works together for our good and to help others!

God knows just what he is doing when he gives certain things to each person!
I love my Lord and Saviour and he sent his healing rain down to me and I am protected and Loved by God!

We are all loved by God...........no matter what we have done in our lives and no matter how ashamed we feel from the things in life that we have done, or because of the things that have happened to us.

But God does not look at the outward appearance, he looks at our hearts and he loves us and wants to deliver us from our troubles and torments that we go through each and every day.

When there seems to be noone there and noone cares, he is there and he sends us his healing rain!

To God be the Glory!

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