Sunday, May 16, 2010

United We Stand Part 1

United We Stand......

What does this mean?
We know that God created the heavens and the earth.
So One nation, under God, United we stand.

Do we really stand United?

I am going to just let loose on this post, as this is my blog and I do have the right to post my thoughts and ponders,...........So here I go...

Today, in our world that we live in, we have so many religions and so many churches.
I see so many churches separated!

So much of this religion that goes around that.............. "MY church is better than your church, or my religion and beliefs are better than yours"...........

What are beliefs?...............conviction, faith, especially religious faith, trust, confidence, acceptance of something as trustworthy, anything believed or accepted as  true.

Do we believe the right way?
There is only one right way.
There is only one true God!

Yes, there are many gods out there, but there is only one true God!

I see today in churches, that they are so separated in worship...
OK, example.........  Well if you go to this church,   UH, sorry but you cannot come to our church and sing with us, or dance with us, or worship with us, because you go there and we go here and you need to stay at your church and Ill stay at mine................ and by the way.......your not on my go back to your church and dance with your people!
Those on a team work together... If we are all on Gods team then why can we not work together?


Is this unity? Is this the way God intended for it to be?
When we all Get to heaven ( seeing, as how we accept Jesus into our hearts).....
Will God tell certain ones that they can not come over here because they are not of this church?
NO!  We will all worship together in one accord and we will all sing together and dance together.

Why do we separate others from our churches.....
Church will not get us to heaven..................That is just a form of religion and there are false religions out there....................But I'm saying that  There is only one way to heaven and that is through the blood of Jesus Christ and if we believe on him, ........He will allow us to enter into heaven to be with him...

Its not religions.... Some people believe that a Pentecostal is better than a baptist, or a baptist is better than a Methodist......or Presbyterian is better than catholic.......


There is only ONE WAY  to heaven and that is through the blood of Jesus, and if we don't believe in the blood of Jesus and we don't accept him, then we are headed in the wrong direction.

Are we to be separate from other people?  Only Satan wants us to be separated.
What is wrong with others worshiping along side of us?
We are not United.

Today we hear so much about one world order.   But there is only one true one world order and that is Under God!
Satan mocks every thing that God has make it crooked, evil, vile, SEPARATE!

I think churches need to get over the religion and start being united with others and allow others to worship with us. That is the true one way of worship!

United We stand!  FREEDOM!
Freedom to stand along side of your baptist, Methodist  or Pentecostal friend and dance side by side and not worry if we belong............... or what other people are going to whisper about us while we are worshiping Our God and Master and Savior.

Just remember the next time someone wants to worship beside of you in your church.............We will all worship together, side by side, in heaven and there will be no separation anymore!

Then it will be UNITED WE STAND!

This blog post is continued on United We Stand part 2

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