Thursday, April 29, 2010

She is running!

I just wanted to share this video with all of my readers.

After watching this video it really got to me because I was this girl at one time.

My mom and dad were divorced when I was 11 years old and my father got custody of us because our mother felt like she could not take care of us financially.

I was a mothers girl and my sister was a daddys girl.
My dad and I were never close to each other. My sister was his pick and I felt so alone.
I was treated like an outcast by my father, sister and all of her friends.
I became an angry little girl because I had noone and not even my mother because she got married and moved out of state.

I began to go inside of myself and as I got older and was old enough to go to dance clubs and bars, I began to go with my friends.
I was searching for that one person who would love me for who I was and show me the attention that I needed, but what I did not realize was that going to these places, was only going to hurt me even more.

These were the people who would take advantage of my hurts and they only hurt me more.

I grew up in church and never forgot where I should be, but it seemed that the people in churches were more judgemental than the bad crowd was.
I have experienced the lofty looks of so called christian people out there and that is not the way a christian is suppose to act.
When Jesus walked on the earth, he did not condemn like people do. He loved the sinners and he wanted  to heal them and deliver them from their sin,  matter what they had done.
He showed them love and understanding............Why do so called christians...... not love the way that God loves?

Is this the way a TRUE christian is suppose to be?  Are we being true christians when we look at others and condemn them and we play Judge, trial and jury!
We look at others with shame and neglect!  This is not the way we are suppose to be. We are to love others no matter what in their lives that they have done.
What we dont realize is..........that if we were able to walk a mile in someone elses shoes, we would see what they have went through and we would see that people deal with things in life different ways and sometimes it is not the way that God would have us to do..............but the devil takes hold of our situations and makes it worse for us and we ponder on things and we do things that we should not do because we are looking for that answer to our problems.

So we need to understand that we all go through stuff and not to condemn that person of it and show them the love of God and show them that God cares about them and that he is the way, the truth and the life!
And all who come to him can find comfort in whatever they face in life.

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